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Sergio Seville.  Valencia 1971

I was born on June 5, 1971 in Valencia, being the eldest of four siblings. My parents come from a humble family from a village in Cuenca and emigrated to Valencia in search of better opportunities. My vocation for painting arose when I was a child, during a school visit to the Botanical Garden of Valencia, where I saw several artists from the School of Fine Arts making landscapes. Since then, my desire to be a painter has been my life purpose.

During my adolescence, my passion for art was strengthened by a teacher who taught me how important this discipline can be for the betterment of society. In 1997, I obtained my degree in Fine Arts from the Faculty of San Carlos de Valencia. Until 2000, I had my first studio in the neighborhood of Morvedre in Valencia, where I shared space with a retired cabinetmaker, from whom I learned to appreciate wood. In addition, my neighbor Eduardo Sales, who became my teacher, had his studio wall to wall with mine and taught me the different techniques and materials of painting.


In 2002, due to a force majeure family problem, I had to take over the family business of a restaurant, which partially interrupted my goal of becoming a painter. However, I did not resign myself to abandon my dream, so I moved my studio to the neighborhood of Patraix in Valencia, where I had my second activity. I stayed there for 10 years, working in art whenever I could find the time and without doing exhibitions.


In 2012, I gave a radical turn to my life and decided to dedicate myself exclusively to painting. I left the business in other hands and moved near Madrid. Since then, I have made several solo and group exhibitions in different parts of Spain. At present, I am still working on my art, always looking for new forms of expression in my works.




1992-1997 - Faculty of Fine Arts of S. Carlos of Valencia. Bachelor of Fine Arts (Esp.  Painting)

1999 Polytechnic University of Valencia. Doctorate Courses in Fine Arts.

EXHIBITIONS  (Selection)

2022 DMG Foundation., Madrid, “ODS” (individual)

2020 Alcázar Theater Gallery.,   Madrid, “ALEGORIA” (individual) 

2019 Royal Theater Carlos III of Aranjuez "Influencers" (individual)

2019 Galileo Cultural Center. Madrid.  “The Effect of Flowers on the senses “  (individual)

2019 Godoy Hall of Aranjuez, Madrid.  “The Effect of Flowers on the senses “  (individual)

2018 Botanical Garden of Malaga.  “The Effect of Flowers on the senses “  (individual)

2018 Botanical Garden of Córdoba.  “The Effect of Flowers on the senses “  (individual)

2018 Botanical Garden of La Rioja.  “The Effect of Flowers on the senses “  (individual)

2017  Exhibition Hall of the Madrid-Moncloa City Council.  "Artemisia Award Finalists”.  (Collective)

2015 Cuenca Palace House Museum. “Forms with Background” (individual)

2014 Exhibition Hall Vell Calpe Town Hall. "Morocco" (single)


2002 Painting Award  Castellar (Jaen) 

2017 Artemisa Award Finalist.  Madrid.  

1998 Stay for Retired Painters at the Quintanar Palace in Segovia. (El Paular)  

1998 Stay at the Rodríguez Acosta Foundation. Grenade.


Royal Carlos III Theater of Aranjuez (Madrid)

Alcazar Theater (Madrid) 

Calpe Town Hall (Alicante)

DMG Foundation (Madrid)

Botanical Garden of La Rioja.

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